Peer-to-Peer Available Data Sets

Examine Data Beyond the 5300

Peer-to-Peer contains a variety of data sets to help your better understand your position in the marketplace and examine the overall performance of the financial industry.

Included data sets within Peer-to-Peer:

5300r-ipaq5300 and FDIC Call Reports

All fields and account codes on the 5300 and FDIC call reports can be accessed in Peer-to -Peer and used to create custom reports or peer groups.

iowa-ROMROM – Return of the Member

Our ROM calculation uses 5300 Call Report data to capture a holistic view of members’ relationship with the credit union and focuses on three core functions: savings, lending, and product usage.

Read more about ROM

7-screen-BrowserCUPP – Credit Union Performance Profile

CUPP is a system used by Callahan to quantify the key areas of Capital Adequacy, Asset Quality, Earnings and Operating Expenses, and Liquidity.

computer-assetsEconometric Data

The econometric data provides a look at macro-level trends in the U.S. economy and is collected from various sources including the U.S. Census Bureau and Bureau of Economic Analysis.

2-screen-BrowserDeposit Data

Peer-to-Peer’s BranchAnalyzer allows you to track deposit market share and overall performance against financial institutions in a defined market.

Learn more about BranchAnalyzer.

mortgageHMDA – Home Mortgage Disclosure Act

Peer-to-Peer’s MortgageAnalyzer includes HMDA data that allows you to compare mortgage volume market share within a defined marketplace.

Learn more about MortgageAnalyzer.

firstlookCallahan’s FirstLook Program

The FirstLook program in Peer-to-Peer provides you with the opportunity to start your data analysis weeks in advance of the NCUA’s official quarterly data release.

Read more about FirstLook

analyzerCallahan Proprietary Data

Peer-to-Peer also includes proprietary data such as executive contact names and vendor relationships to help you network with industry leaders.