Drill Down into Your Local Market with MortgageAnalyzer and BranchAnalyzer

Dig deeper into your performance with Peer-to-Peer’s market analysis resources designed to help you better gauge your position in your local community.

mortgageAnalyzerMortgage Analyzer

Callahan & Associates’ MortgageAnalyzer, accessible through Peer-to-Peer, uses seven years of Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) data to provide an in-depth look at your local mortgage lending market and how your credit union stacks up against peers in a selected location.

Identify leading originators in your market while viewing key ratios including denial rates, close ratios, and number of applications attracted. These metrics help put your credit union’s relative mortgage lending effectiveness into perspective.

This resource helps you answer questions such as:

  • What percent of local mortgage applications are we attracting?
  • Who is doing the best job in our local market of moving applications through funding?
  • How does our growth (or decline) compare to others locally?
  • Are other institutions declining mortgage loans for the same reasons we are?

branchAnalyzerBranch Analyzer

BranchAnalyzer allows you to analyze deposit data for credit unions and banks at the branch, institution, and even market level. Whether you want to see how your branches are performing against others in a market or need to identify markets for possible expansion, you can do it with BranchAnalyzer.

The U.S. Census data included in BranchAnalyzer gives you an even greater level of detail into the markets you analyze. With demographic data, you’re better able to see if your credit union fits a market’s profile and more effectively reach the consumers within that market.

BranchAnalyzer helps you answer questions such as:

  • Are our branches growing at a similar pace as those in the local market?
  • Which institutions have the greatest deposit market share in my community?
  • Where should we place our next branch?
  • What is the demographic make-up of our market?

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